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Навальный был отравлен наноядом. О которых я писал за год в блоге.

Я еще в 2019 писал что для целей пси-террора применяются НАНОКАПСУЛЫ. Оказывается и Навального отравили наноинкапсулированным "новичком" - и вот Форбс, Bellingcat, The Spiegel и Радио Свобода разразились расследованиями.

Понятное дело, что РФ далеко не лидер и на богатом Западе все эти нанояды давно уже есть.
В нанокапсулы упаковывают не только яды а и психоактивные вещества наподобии СКОПОЛАМИНА (который делает человека куклой) или психоделиков (которые вскрывают нашу психику внушениям извне)!

Что такое нанояды?

Это микроскопические капсулы размером с молекулу. Внутри которой - другая молекула с действующим веществом. Эти молекулы (нанокапсулы) умеют прицельно проникать в мозг и даже в нужный орган.

За счет этого человека можно укачать минимальнейшей дозой веществ. Пары капель парфюма на коже достаточно чтобы создать шлейф 2-3 метра.

Расследования НАНОЯДОВ:



I wrote about the NANOCAPSULES back in 2019 in my blog - it is a tool of psi terror.
It turns out that Navalny was also poisoned by a nano-encapsulated "Novichok" posion - read Forbes, Bellingcat, The Spiegel and Radio Liberty huge investigations!
Obviously the Russian Federation is far from being a leader in a field, and the West countries are all have the nano-poisons for long enough.
Anyway not only poisons are packed in nanocapsules, but also a psychoactive substances like SCOPOLAMIN, which makes a person a doll, or psychedelics that open our psyche to suggestions from the outside!

Investigations of NANOCAPSULES:

So whats GOING ON??

you won't get it until you accept my main point


Forbes, Bellingcat, and The Spiegel blame Russia. So free democratic press tramples FSB? Not

Because Ukraine is actively spreading Spiegel and Bellingcat in press, and is in war against Russia, right? Nope, does not fit again!

In Ukraine some secret service drugged me (in 5 different apartments!) to stop spreading the word, but why?

It seems that Ukraine in hidden conspiracy WITH Russia, right? No! Why?

Democratic press tries to spot GRU Russian military intelligence all over the world? Not exactly

Obviously western services did have the nanocapsules long enough - articles on pubmed dated early 2000.

So its a show? Their plan is to SET UP Russia, right?
Because obviously Navalny was VERY CAREFULLY DRUGGED In (immersed in and emersed out) by some mysterious SECRET AGENTS
and then safely back to normal (see Yuriy Dud' interview - Alexei does not look like a victim)

Right? No, not right

Its a mess of versions because you miss the key puzzle

And you won't get it until you start to take my words for real

Its happening all over the world

Mediums and psychics of CIA obviously ARE NOT UNDER YOUR CONTROL

Why is that?


They can communicate without leaving a trace and conspire

The telepathy is real deal, I am not in illusions!

They GREW a HUGE network of spies all over the world

Its not CIA anymore, its not under US government and senate's control
Its not GRU / SVR anymore

They are double agents of some SATANIC agency

They are growing a huge army of spies and they mass drug people all over the world

That's why they double play with two hands:

- drug Navalny (maybe without letting him know) and make the ressurection show
they drugged him very carefully to keep him alive and his head working

he flees Russia, its not possible without russians in the play willingfully releasing him!
they cover it by some "struggle" but it was show

- they set up Russia in Spiegel and Bellingcat - so it appears like normal CIA activity for the United States but its not

because their goal is to topple world's governments so they playing the game from both sides
yes, russian and american citizens joined their efforts to pump the world war 3 OR make it appear like an escalation to push some other goals

I believe the goals are either

- to topple the white governments , democracy and start the satanic empire (mostly the biblical "beast" plan)

- to start WW3 and nuke some bln of people - to save world resources for them (less probable)

They used the same tactic while pumping Russia - Ukraine war
- elected gangster
- started to boil the water
- started the revolt
- provoked Russia to enter east Ukraine
- blamed Russia
many things were happening like hit Boeing, etc
their agents are everywhere they mass educate people now (I know many ukrainians who attack me telepatically now)

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