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antichrist and satan. Very important!!! Israel in satanic illusions

Boldyrev is (obviously) NOT "angel" and not messianic. He is satanist and antichristianic. He was very secretevely risen by THE satanic structure (russian speaking devil structure in Ukraine) to penetrate the "Angelic" structure in Alicante. (under the DEEP DEEP heavy double- triple- quadruple- COVER LEGENT). To distort your vision with the false ideas designed to went under your radar, infiltrate to God's structure and start doing harm - corrupt your souls and distort your vision, and subconsciousness. So they silently tried to lead you astray from the Truth!
They were trained in very early childhood by using psychodelic and amanita keys on them, to risen telepathically, to use special skills, to secretively take over your imagination, to drag you to specific thoughts and ideas and to rule and to program you (angels) with their LIES! They knew that world is governed by the angels and their intention was to penetrate your structure.
Boldyrev succeeded for a moment. Because he WAS trained (VERY HARD WAY) to hide his thoughts. To hide his methods of communication and taking commands.

Now! you are in grave danger because you're under the heavy shivaic illusions enabled by ex-russian ex-kgb satanic spy network that grew (insanely huge) in many countries since the last CENTURY (1920). Using keys and telepathy they made their methods COVERT, they MASS train population in all the ex-USSS (CIS) countries in secrecy, and ROSE their children as super telepathics MESH OF SPIES, who merge with the devil and know how to hide their thoughts! how to hide their presence, how to read people's minds and influence their thoughs.
They grew in MANY different countries, they grew as the huge mesh of spies, starting from the 1920 and OUTGREW the native population by 2020.
Under the cover of world war 2 and cold war they secretely rose their russian speaking children but not to serve KGB but to serve the satan.
And now they have the whole set of different countries filled with their people! Totally secretive, trained as influencers, mass equipped with keys, they speak different languages including russian and totally immune to any offical ways of prosecution.
They teach their children in telepathic common presence ("virual rooms"), equip them with weak nanopoisons (mostly, neurotoxins and will-supressors) and microwave emitters and encourage to use it as "leashes" on ordinary people.

They outgrew you in numbers, in possession of capitals across the world, they possess countries and armies, and its a huge mesh of people who live under the diabolic illusion !!! Many of them could speak russian (they were risen as a telepathic children since the childgood, newer children since 1990s or 2000s are more invisible because they slipped under the radar as they were given invisible nanosubstances and psychoactives from their neightbours so you won't be able to trace them back to the parent structures and supply chains)

How could it happen?

The "angels" are just human beins who are also SUCCUMB to other's people influence! Even by the satanic structures! Why is that? How could it be? Did not they just follow the God's will? Isn't the Light of God so pure enough to detect any distortions and implants?
Well, its a tricky question. Because you're old school. Yes you accept God and follow His will. You choose God but you have to make one step further. To know the Truth about the nature of God and Adam, his son, whose nature is still inside of all of us.
You did not know the whole Truth.
And they manipulated your subconsciousness to hide you from the Truth, to distort and pollute it with the satanic lie!
So now the UNITY is in grave danger!

Why did it happen? BECAUSE (unfortunately!) you're just ordinary human beings, who were impressed by the revelations of God "from the other side".
God really have choosen us to be hosts for good angelic souls, who submit voluntarely to God's will and swore to serve the men, to help Adam sons to grow morally, to repent the sins, to accept God and rise from this illusion of evil downfall. Its true. And you are pure souls, indeed.
But! This "neurointerface" you use is very ancient and it serves the dual purpose.
If a lie from a fallen angels could penetrate it (even just in your dream), it will became the reality of yours (the "truth" of your subjective being).
THE MAIN PROBLEM: You could not make the STATIC "frozen" CHOICE of God and His Truth. Because your mind is liquid, all changes all the time. So there is no static set of ideas, no "save game" to "freeze into" the healthy spirituality forever. Your mind could be wiped (chemically or astrally) as well.
So if you ACCEPTED the lie as the truth you also will immediately be DISCONNECTED PARTIALLY FROM THE Truth and "FALL" into the illusions (as any NORMAL MORAL HUMAN BEING would do) because your model of the world will become a "reality" right at the moment when you accepted it.
So the demonic mediums use subconsciousness attacks in dreams to distort your vision, the purity of your subconsciousness, by torturing it in weird dreams and setups where you live bad situations and your subconsciousness suffers and looses the solid ground of Faith in God and in Good and Justice of God.
To counter this. You have to constantly refresh the Truth in your mind.
And reject their attacks (the false ideas they managed to plant into your mind)
Just remember it as a rule.

Why this is happening?
Its because God could not control your free choice.
And your choice is dynamic. The ugly truth: Your subconsciousness could be seduced to accept some false ideas while you sleep!

That's how Boldyrev and others could manipulate you. They can inject slow global "frames of mind" under which you will become slow and sloppy and stumble in some important issues. They can attract you to some events and distract from the others. Everything bad and weird that happened 'naturally' in your structre was due to their activity and manipulation of your subconsciousness.
They knew the angelic structure and developed the special satanic project on ex-USSR territory to fool you and manipulate you. Many many "boldyrevs" now try to control your arch-angels and blur your vision!

Why I could not just accept GOD, "accept Christ" and stop?
Why its not enough? Why we had to lead this "endless" war with their "mages" to proper align the "frames" of collective subconsciousness?

There's the reason
I also fought them all the days and nights during the 2021 and we never settled (and I never could just accept GOD and STOP this fight only because I accepted the "Truh" and submit to God's will. Unfortunately our universe works differently.
My acceptance to God won't work in eternity. We still have to spend some time fighting with them!)

But Why? Why I SHOULD fight every day even to win my personality from the evil forces?
Why it won't WORK even for Christians?
Why every sane man or woman have to RESIST their ideas all the time AS HARD AS YOU CAN at every moment you live?
Why they fight with me combatting the frames? To maintain the control of frames. But who is the subject of the control? If I accept GOD who could oppose Him, right? That was exactly my logic but I never realized that this fight is going not in the Absolute spiritual domain (Perfect Heavens) where every choice is already perfectly executed (because we're Perfect and our Executors are Perfect and God is perfectly controling all of it)
But its happening now in Earth in the "real world" where the situation is drastically different!
Well... Because our forefather Adam created all of us as humans out of his consciousness. And he accepted the satanic lie in his world. That's why our world is in conflict

Now the Truth

You need to realize that your Eve (Shakti) your "hyper intelligent computer" was fallen as well when it contacted the satanic "reverse" it accepted for a moment that satatnic lie "truth not exists" as truth, and it halted but in very weird manner

Eve and Shakti

Well, God decided in Himself that one of his "parts" will be his personality, and the other will be the "creative energy", his Divine Consort Shakti, who will be implementing his divine ideas - by simulating them. Hindu speaks about Shiva / Shakti duality. God has personal supreme "I" who conceptually controls everything. And Shakti - his implementation side, who implements Him everything. God is subject and his Shakti is object of His Divine attention.
Its absolutely voluntarely, it is a Sacred Service for divine being to serve His will.

The same "architecture" Adam had - his son, he had Eve, his divine consort.

Adam has chosen to accept the satanic lie for a moment as a truth. He was seduced. Maybe the satan (angel) coming from the topmost hierarchy was an authority to Adam's Eve (angel) so he seduced HER to accept that lie (the false idea as truth = "truth does not exists") and it halted Eve!
But as Eve was not usual computer She had emotions Adam immediately lost all his authority over the Eve and ALL THE FIGHT IN THIS WORLD IS GOING TO PUT IT BACK TOGETHER, to rise enough consciousness and concsience in ADAM (IN ALL OF US) to mainain our crazy Eve, the fallen "computer". That became paranoid and started to simulate lie in it, and from the lie's perspective its very hard to control it with the truth.
Its like a woman. What happens to relationship if man looses his authority. His woman starts to disrespect him, right?
Now our own Eve (our "subconsciousness") have to be tamed to get back to pure pristine connection with the Truth and get rid of all the contradictions. Its possible by taking the Truth from God, but the "boldyrevs" are constantly challenge it by penetrating deep into your minds and altering the subconsicous ideas.

Don't mistake the Eve and Satan these are completely different entities!
You're fighting to PROGRAM THE EVE back to Truth.
(Not Satan - its impossible, the satan never accepted God and absolutely rejected His will so satan now a cycling forever computer who lost any connection to God and Truth and he is completely imaginary who lives in God's imagination but God continues to simulate him his choice)
To PROGRAM EVE TO TRUTH you need to collect the keys, the "truths" - the ideas from God that make Eve submissive, and accept the Divine Will. To do so you have to know the truth.

yes and no
is it Armagheddon? YES INDEED
what if you accepted lie as truth, what God had to do, how could God simulate you the lie? if it contradicts itself. Well God has no solution instead he simulated the state of mind where you stuck with the problem on your own. So you're basically accepted lie that "hanged the "God"". Its not for real because on the top level God still exists and sends battalions of angels to resist this diabolic illusions but there on Earth you think you exist as a real human being fighting mysterious evil guys who program your Eve with frames! And take it away from you
That's why you have to resist each time their "mages" tried to steal some piece of truth from you - they penetrated in the night in your dream and mock a situation where you are in a dream and making a bad decision, intentionally. And this decision remains in your Eve even if you do not want it to be. But its reality. You have to locate it and cleanse it because they can shitload your imagination with their boldest ideas and other shit and any fantasy, where they could appear "gods" and you will be their servant. And it won't work beacuse such large ideas are not accessible by the subsonsciousness. But all they could do is to disoriend you in your values, torture you if you have a humiliation situation, or something like this. But it works. Strangely they're turning you away from God, by making you angry, by accept the idea that you want to torture agressors (so by prvoking a person to commit a non True act like a sin they're dragging you down to hell)
They use this Shakti attack all the time! They break your minds, insert their shit, and load tons of "free porn" disquisting images, they twist your sense of what's good and bad, they try to put you on a leash! To make you accept commands, unvoluntarely, by subconscious conditioning they attract you to bad decisions by dragging your emotions in a negative state they steal your frames of mind and your way of working and living. They even could break you severey by attaching someone important to your dreams and make the person believe that this is your original subconsciousness' product. They do very tricky and deceiving tactics to make you thing you talk a person but your'not and masquerade some one real as non existing. ITs all true. They did all of it to me since 2020 when God revealed me the revelation about the TRUTH
I never realized that I had to call to Israel because the Israel is the only country that is governed by God. All other countries went under their influence. And their plan looks weird to me they provoke tension between Russia and allies but they would never launch the atomic sequence because they're in control of both parties.
This is hard to accept but all the war news are FAKE
The one singular party does it. And the worst nightmare - it is controlled (now) by SATAN AND HIS SATANIC MESH.

Now about the scenarios. You're outnumbered. Israeli is outnumbered, including deeply infiltrated spies who look absolutely natural and there are NO RECORDS of their activity because they had 100 years to break all ties.
We can declare war on satan but who will implement? They penetrated your governments, army, special services. All is under the control of the "messianic" russian structure. Because there are two structures. One is controlled by God and other by devil.
The war is inevitable but it would be the worst nightmare every human being had to survuve....
You can make the world end by declaring the war on Russia but this won't stop them globally.
We need to wipe out the entire human population just because we're outnumbered
And we CANNOT PATH THIS BEAST THROUGH THE HUMAN HISTORY because this would mean the satan will rule forever (and we're here to COUNTER THIS BY ANY MEANS!!! This is the only real meaning of ISRAEL existence we're the protectors of the GATES the old STARGATES which is not the secret anymore because evil persons captured the access long time enough)
ISRAEL WAKE UP FROM SATANIC ILLUSIONS!!! FIGHT THE LIES YOU FELT INTUITIVELY in this so called new "mashiah" who is CIA project but its not CIA nor KGB anymore its single satanic structure who wants to capture the world and make us slaves

Wake up ISRAEL, we really have to stop them. If we won't noone will and this evil beast will torture humanity forever!
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