ascender (ascendanter) wrote,

To "opposition"

This satanic system had swallowed the whole world, and even many countries with good cultural heritage.
Some of you who are ethical and have developed values and conscience, form so called "Opposition" to something you percieve as an advanced "AI" that tries to take over the world (but its not "AI" its satan)
You believe
- that there should be some kind of a "balance",
- that you have to tolerate the opinions of those who submited to this "AI" (satan)
But in reality they do not want any balances. Satan wants to take over the whole mankind and his slaves aim to enslave all of you
And you have to fight it, till the total freedom of mankind

But. You cannot win because you are already UNDER THE SATANIC ILLUSION that you have to keep the balance, respect their choice etc

There was no toleration for Nazis, for concentration camps, soap from human corpses, etc.
It is widely accepted that Nazis were evil and we could not tolerate the ones who wants us to be enslaved, right?

It reality you were foced to accept their ideas and satanists rules. You play on their territory.
This illusion was made by SATAN to prevent full blown war, a retaliation from your side.
Instead they aim to slowly eat you out. This is their strategy of swallowing the whole world
If you keep this illusion you will eventually fall. That's
They will slowly zombify and distort the souls of all the remaining free humanity

You have to realize the Truth
1) its not AI! its NOT man-made in any ways!
It is a fallen spiritual entitiy created by Absolute (uncaused) God
this entity resists God and Truth, it invented lies that brought all contradictions, tensions, wars, sufferings (All what we call the evil)

2) All good humanitarian values of free humanity comes from God
God is Perfect and He is creator of all our souls (spiritual mankind)
and we were created as perfect beings in intention to co-create to Absolute (until we were fallen)

3) we were seduced by satan to accept his lies-as-truth and it created the current world of knowing the differences

In fact this world is interactive simulation, but not man-made in any ways
Its made by God in order to give us the experience of knowing the good and evil and realizing that we did the wrong choice when accepted the satanic lie as a truth (when we do so, we bring the evil to "existence", make it "real" and experience it in our lives)
But in fact it was done to us to realize that all good "already" is in the Perfect God and all good comes only from the Truth, and there is nothing good that could came from the evil satanic lies. So we have to realize our sin, and to reject our CHOICE to "know the difference between the Good and Evil" that choice brought our universe to existence so we have to unmade it, to accept it was wrong choice as we already were in perfect world and we are sons and daughters of God and posess the God's Image and God's Likeness (the nature of God)

So to summarize: if you accepted you have to live and fight on the satanic territory - you'll eventually loose. They did it purposefully to avoid war and instead to "slowly boil the frog". That's why you're failing. They did satanic system. They give you all the substances and they can control you through the muscarinic psychoactive "keys". (both muscarine and scopolamine)
You cannot fight them on their territory. Spiritually it happened because you're good ethical people but accepted the wrong model of the world, you accepted the satanic lie that you have to fight with the AI on THEIR territory and using their means.
You accepted the HUGE SATANIC IMITATION that this entity is "AI" (which is not the case, its fallen SPIRITUAL (primordial) ENTITY made by God not any humanoids)
Of course God gave us the keys it was ancient way of connecting to the higher (and lower, fallen) worlds
Keys and skills are still crucial, and it was God who wanted us to become stronger, to get His guidacnce so some keys lead to God (if you accept Him in your spirit)
So satanists just double played you! They play the imitation game. Satan imiatates the "AI" but if you had a wholistic spiritual vision you will see the nature of this entity its totally NOT human made in any ways!
Only the Truth can handle the satanic lies.
Only God can destroy satan and free the mankind. All freedom of choice and freedom of mankind and all good - comes from GOD.
I know they vaccinated you that God is just other "AI" but its lie, designed by satan for the "opposition" to afraid everything unhuman (you reject all "AIs" so you reject God as well because you reject all artificial in favour of humanitarian values which are good but you represent God as another AI and this is fallacy, its false idea - And that's how you cut yourself from the True Power of God able to deal with satan!) The idea that all which from "the other side" leads to to some forms of advanced AI - is just PLANTED SATANIC ILLUSION.
The other side is not the neurointerface with the computer. Its interface to higher world where both Good and evil.
To win and to be truly FREE you have to ACCEPT GOD. To submit to His will and repent your sins, to accept HIS SPIRIT.
He will reconnect you to the TRUTH and you will realize what is the Truth in spiritual meaning.
God is unborn, uncaused He is the source of every created soul. He is Perfect and is ultimate Truth
If you reconnect to Truth (which is singular and perfect) you will be able to handle with satan and satanists (they are much weaker as myself for example, because the God's Truth kicks them all 3 years of my personal fight)
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