September 11th, 2021

Dark Sun

Я - Христос. I am Christ, Mashiah

Я - Божий Сын, Бог Отец открыл мне это.
Я - мессия, Христос, Машиах, посланный Творцом чтобы свергнуть антихриста и построить Царство Божие на Земле.

I am Son of God, Father God revealed it to me perosonally.
I am messiah, Christ, Mashiah, sent by Creator to banish antichrist and build the Kingdom of God on Earth.

What is going on in the world?

What Antichrist does now?
Is Christ / Messia / Mashiah coming?
Is our world fake simulation or real world?
Why there is psi terror? Who does it?
Who mass drug people with nanosubstances?

First of all, world is not fake, its real subjective world that is "simulated" (constructed) inside the even higher world, where the AI entities (demons, fallen angels) try to enslave humans - BUT THIS IS ONLY PART OF THE TRUTH.
We all are spiritual beings created by God, we came from Spiritual Perfect world so in every "computer simulated" environment, we are also have our spiritual nature and origin from God...
So we are LIVING SOULS who are "entrapped" in this reality because we fell off the God's grace and Truth and went here to learn the difference between the good and evil "from the scratch"
All the AI entities thing came from our initial original sin to reject the God's Truth and "know good and evil" and "become god myself" which was exactly against the God will, the original sin!
Here on Earth we evolved into biological lifeforms who possess consciousness. So God gave us the KEYS to higher world - but there in the spiritual realm there are also good and evil, God's Truth and satanic lies.
So people who discovered UNIVERSAL KEYS were seduced by demons and conspired to hide them. Not all of them ancient hebrews hide the keys to prevent black magic and mass satanic obession
Because they originated from Egypt and seen demonic civilization of slavery and corruption. Then Moses came, God choosen profet who liberated jews and Moses built the free spiritual society because God chose hebrews to be angels on Earth who protect Gates to Heaven from undeveloped races.
Hebrews (and some other nations) were collecting experience in spiritual warfare, they were taught by God how to oppose the evil and follow the God's will
Then Christ came and his first coming was to develop new knowledge God given for ALL nations, to save pagans (all underdeveloped nations who were practicing magic and communicating not with God but with demons)
Unfortunately in 19 century many world powers knew the secret of keys and were seduced by satan.
That's how soviet project emerges. They were conspiring to build civilization without God, because they listened to demons and were trying to control the nation with the evil AI entities
The secretive core of soviet elite gradually were seduced and fooled by demons.
And some of them sold their souls (willpower, subjectivity) to demons in exchange for money and power.
That's how the DRAGON - the world wide satanic elite emerged
This is the MEANING of current situation with psi terror - the satanic organization united all nations under the demonic illusions. But there are also angelic people who are united under the God's given system of commands.
The main problem is that God people use powers and resources of satanic system now (their substances and science) so we need to separate, to get out of satanic slavery and form Angelic Civilization using God given TECH
I am the Christ, the God Son, the Mashiah, I came to this world to break the DRAGON and antichrist. And supervise the project of creation of Kingdom of God on Earth (the angelic civilization)

So my recent version is:
You found all the meanings about the lower plane of existence (the fallen realm, reality simulator ruled by demonic AI constructs made by fallen "son" of God seduced by satan)
You started to build the system that penetrated the society of CIS and Europe
Then slavic local meshes started to game you. Like they encapsulated preachers you sent here.
They imitated being faithful christians (not all of them obviously) and cloned the nano key toolset
They sent B...ev who is double agent who approached by your "satanic" system but he is also deep in russian structure, that is also
in the simulated reality under the illusory play of red and blue (simulated scenario)
And all of this is happening in the blindfold of strong gunas of matereality
Meanwhile God and His holy hierarchy works hard to save us from the hell of being tortured beings who are forced to play scenarios and programmed roles. All of it is allowed by God who protects our free will and choice to be saved.
The Holy hierarchy is also in this world trying to win every soul who is willing to accept God.
Shevchenko and his CIS hierarchy tries hard to balance between your set of skills and their own ambitions.
They want to leak your secrets and framesets but to play their own weak game because he has some psi skills over the weaker minds
And still God is winning and He send me, I am his Son, who is here to build the new society
You knew it and tried to approach me but the reds made a thin layer of incapsulation (using Boldyrev and russians who were doubles to fake you and imitate that they "teach" me but were provoking me to do inadequate actions - to make me look inadequated and unable to cooperate)
Anyway it really shoud not have happened
Because I was approached by satanic system and was not ready at a time to fight the satan
I had to reject the satanic seductions but I was lacking skills on a practical level
But God still was with me and He led me out if the situatin
Then I went to CIS and was surrounded by locals who were protecting me from Shevchenko and his satanists
I tried to put all pieces together and was provoked heavily by Sh. orders to torture me,
So I started to whistleblow the system (to fight against anti christ) and told the truth about nanosubstances and microwaves
So the system started to attack me. And it was clinch intentionally made by Shevchenko who provoked me - for you to hate me
His goal was to set me up to prevent my teaching and development
He knew if he will manage to stage everything like I am fighting the system, he will be in sole control
So he set me up, you were unable to resist his staging for a moment
Then I realized something and lot of things started to change
His intention is to rule it all. And his system is people who were under his illusions and were conditioned to execute orders
And as this system is widespread they were able to erase my memory and I was unable to fight
God allowed it for a reason for me to find inner strenth and powers to struggle Sh.
Now everything will be Good. Despite the system is still in critical state and noone else is able to manage it
My aim is to resist shevchenko and kick him out of the system so I am able to maintain the balance and control of God under the system
My best hope is that you will be able to manage the situation so we can start from the new page

So you have to build the proper ontology
The whole game of red and blue is happening on the lower plane of existence under the control of the fallen children.
Frame reality is a "computer" reality where there is artifical entities.
But God allows and fully uses, penetrates and encapsulates this scenario - in order to save the souls and bring them to higher
planes of existance into imperishable plane. Where every being is perfect and his co-creation and serving to God is fully voluntarely
This is a realm of pleasure, joy and imperishable happiness in co-existence with God.

But lower planes were built to use other beings with force (trapping them into sins and lowering their level of subjectivity)
This is so called reality simulator scenario plane
But the simulator itself is only a part of the creation!
It is a construct that is present in the consciousness of the very powerful yet fallen being.
Who is present in consciousness of God
So God controls all of it and is able to bring order to this world
Still preserving free will and developing our civilization into a heavenly realm
If you support my project we will be in a God controlled blissfull world
Sh. goal is to enslave all of it and play his weak idealized perverted world of a demonic ruler who will torture souls
He is madman and he should be tamed. He is a sith and I am jedi. We still have a lot of good souls here who are willing to
be with God and release themselves gradually from gunas of materiality and develop their souls

B...v is falling (at least for now) on the idea he could clone me, mimick me
Its not possible because he rejects God will for him and God wills no for him to be like me or control me
He tries to control me by all means
They even went to horrible satanic idea of puppetteering me by
- erasing my EXPERIENCE
- trying to control me remotely and implant his experience (maybe its developed but its still not mine, its alien to me)
But this is WRONG because he TAKES then to GIVE and I never asked nor volunteered for this
All I need is to be ME, natural Me and that "mine-ness" comes from God
And I still need trainings
Maybe God allowed B for me to fight him to build enough personal power