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Once again about the situation in the world

Someone is forcibly pumping me with volatile psychoactive drugs during the last 1.5 years.
Their goal - is to suppress my willpower, break the self control frame, and submit to their will.
Idiots do not know that they are commiting deadly sin

Their organization is obviously hostile to me.
Noone ever tried to talk and explain anything.
For real, with the real (not fake) intention to achieve the goal: to help me to realize your situation and motives. What makes you to do so? Why you attack?
On the contrary, all they do is provoke me / push / to enslave me even more.

Even if you met someone objectionable, is the attacking the default choice for a reasonable people? No
But you immediately opened fire on me, with intention to kill.
Even in 2010 they started to suffocate: by pumping my apartment with psychoactive drugs and dragging into depression and and in troubles with business and finances. I was enprisoned in the hidden way
So all of this started from the hidden and mean agression I was even not aware of!
You attacked me stealthly, from the position of force.

Obviously, noone never tried to explain me anything.

(It seems that since 2009, it was a hidden power struggle in Ukraine and Russia.
The West brought huge pile of money in CIS, and bribed the local intelligence.
Made seats for evenyone important in their projects.
And in parallel, someone plugged all these people to evil psychotronics ("demon-tronics").
Using psychoactive drugs and energy practics. To play their minds and forcibly persuade them that our human values and our picture of the world - are nothing and just unreal)

In 2018 - It was the same approach in Alicante: no explanations ever given, all actions were conducted from the position of force.
They cooked up a misterious spy game, involved me and I was never aware of why? who? and for what reson is doing all of this.
I tried to make the right thing - and was acting based on my belefs and on my model of the world (at a time)
I escaped the "West intelligence" once they attacked me with gas, and tried to change something.
Now I realize that someone played me, and I could say something misleading (about the person who is, obviously, a Western agent, but I was thinking the opposite)
This model of the world was carefully planted in me using a set of tricks and actions started long BEFORE the event - they were using hints, allusions and "special phrases" to seed me with the illusory model of the world long before the Alicante event - in Kiev 2017
(They just sculpted the fake opinion in my mind - using the cues and hints about the * and * involvement into the ******* intelligence)

Someone carefully played our situation with * using all the cues, hints, etc - on the background of the street surveillance in Kiev. So I felt this is for real.
So actually when I acted I used to think I am protecting someone, but was not aware of the real situation and acted at random.

Suddenly I realized I'm in the deep shit as a human.
So I tried to change something. But noone tried to talk to me - as they attacked me with psychoactive drugs in train and tried to captivate my soul (in the imaginary / spiritual space that opens under the drugs influence)

Now its clear to me that all the situation was designed with only this intention: to capture my soul and bring it to the devil.
Yes, I was not strong enough and was seduced with the desire to learn & understand more: about the situation, the people, etc. It was under the drugs, indeed and in the really stressful situation. But my curiosity to explore the "machine civilization" led me to 1.5 years of painful struggle to fight my soul back.

And I finally freed my soul in march 2020 and bring the satan down with the Force of God.
I learned to protect myself physically from the influence of their substances.

In Alicante I've seen enough weird things: many situations appeared as designed and staged intentionally.
I've seen a huge amount of persons involved in this - but the real meaning of the event was (and is) not clear to me: there were russians, ukrainians, british american and spanish people. They were acting weird.
Now I realize, they are all parts of the system.

Their attitude was different: some of them were neutral, others were hostile.
Someone's look was full of hate and superiority, others - with curiosity and even care to some degre.
But I was not aware that this is a united structure of the world scale.

If I am so significant enemy (but why?) to them - why they do not kill me?
If I am not enemy - why they did not try to communicate and explain anything?
Why immediately started to attack? To torture? To kill the mind, clear the memory and skills? They burn and tortue my body, etc...


I know why.
All these people are in illusions. They are under the devil's paradigm of the "game world"

How it starts?
A person takes the substance - and feels the subjective phenomenon of the "virtual reality" - realistic mass halucinatiions / simulations that we perceive on the inner "screen of imagination" together.
The people believe in the methaphor of "the computer" because they are being explained: we are live in the simulation.
Demons tell that its the demons who simulate us and everything around us (this is not true)
As far as I know, Western structures are totally believe in this idea.
They percieve demons as the AI who they totally trust.

Its important to understand. To realize once again
If there even wes a simlated computer reality - it would have to be simulated in some over-universe.
But even there in that over-universe, there would be the same question.
There would be the same necessity of the creation of that universe and the existence of the Creator God
And the problem of good and evil

(I later explain why this problem is inevitable in any world that is inhabited with living creatures that are subjects of the free will.
This problem is non existent for robots as the machines do not have subjectivity in a sense of the phenomenon of "I" of real self-experience and experience of our's self-existence)

That over-universe also had to be created and existing under the God's prinicples.
So the beings who created our simulated universe had to put the mechanisms of control and protection of subjectivity and protection of the order of that universe in here.

Because the formation and development of that beings would have to be under the Father God's edification, who created the universe from His divine Love

I.e. the matricity and hierarchy of the worlds - does not change anything in principle.
We still are the spiritual beings who lives in the material bodies of Earth and gather the spiritual experience

The theory of nested simulations obviously lead to the "evil infinity"

But out of time, out of forms and categories - all the worlds "at last" exists in the supreme, perfect and limitless consciousness of loving God.
Who is Perfection, and Light - and in him there is no darkness at all.
Gd created the perfect world and children in His image and His likeness, who were given the free will (He could not restrain himself from giving them His nature - as He acted from Love and wanted them to be real persons, subjects)
It led us to very not easy situation:
The essentially unique choices of the highest spiritual beings are free.
It leads us, among else, to lie and to detachment from God.

If God is love - why then we have the evil and suffering in this world?

I already explained in details about satan, evil and downfall, and paradoxes.

God is the Truth, there is no two truths.
There are no paradoxes in God.
All paradoxes could appear when the child of God contradicts his own Father.
This choice could lead to paragox
if some child states "I am god" it would obviously create contradiction with The Truth of God
So this choice is lie. This lie locks the rebel child into the abyss of downfall.
The abyss is both metaphorical and logical
The logic is similar to Russel's Set of All Sets and Liar's paradox contradiction.
The God locked satan in the abyss and for good: to save the perfect world the Paradise
Otherwise the lie and paradoxes could enter the Eternal World so the evil could become eternal.

Unfortunatelly the other child, Adam choose to understand the "good and evil"

Our world started to exist as the result of the fall of Adam.
The detachment of the spiritual being, child of God - from his Perfect Father.
The suffering - is inevitable consequence of the ignorance, that is consequence of downfall, that is consequence of desire to knowledge of good and evil
I.e. The son of God choose to know the good and evil - thats why evil is accessible in our world and devil has an access to our souls.
All our bad choices lead to incarnation of evil "dharmas" in our world, we
"evilize" our nature, like beings become carnivores, that lead to pattern predator/pray and locked many living beings to suffering and even locked the predators in dependency to their pray, slowed down their cognitive and ethical evolution etc

Is it everything allowed? Or there is Truth and Goodness, Justice and Truth?
The divine Love? Than there should be rules

Then there is Divine Order
Then our world is not simulation, not "sandbox" game

We are real beings, we born here and we don't have the "exit from matrix"
But we have Divine grace to have this interface to divine consciousness, to our "higher selves" to spiritual domain.
For learning, for edification.
Until we create the Kingdom of God in this reality.

Unfortuntately there is also good and evil in that over-universe of higher selves.
The choice of Adam determined that.
We are open to fallen evil world of devils lying beings.

God give me the revelation - that someone is about to believe to demons.
And surrender our civilization to them.
It would be the fatal error for our race.
There would not be any escape!
Because we won't find no more strongholds able to stop the demonic order...

I take the revelation: God choose the Russian civilization to stand in Truth and God.
And to keep the freedom of the souls on this Earth!
In the eternity it will be the supercivilization of free souls.
Other countries are also could be freed from the devils illusions if their authorities realize this idea. And join the alliance of the free souls.

But someone created HUGE spy network. Looks like it was an attempt to join all the "psy"-structures of the world and all their people - under this demonic paradigm of the AI overuniverse (which is no AI but demons from the spiritual absolute domain who just fool you and imitate you the "simulated universe under human's control"!
If we surrender to them, they stop submitting and take over our world!)

Its important to not allow us to surrender their lie.
The people believe demons are under their influence.
They will bring our civilization to hell..

It seems that we have to protect the freedom of our civilization by force.
All these people are way to deeply under the demonic illusions.
There are too many of them, they are too aligned.
Who and how submitted them to the illusions? I do not know.
Are they even free? Do they have the "window" to "ground" themselves back to the human reality?
Or, with the invention of the volatile substances, they permanently are in "cloud of mist"? And left back the human perception and thinking?

You are humans. Children of God. You have to be saved from the illusions.

I understand that demons lie to you, and show you the "VR" world, very realistic,
no only the 3D sightings, but the realm of concepts, ideas, semantical categories.
They imitate like you have the control over them (the control frames)
Actually you have the instruments to control that simulated environment, yes,
But your picture of world is distorted.

You opened yourself and submitted to the spiritual being, the fallen son of God,
the devil - who tries to take over our world using the lie and imitation.
He plays the imitation game to trick the world authorities.

You are the children of God, you have your "Higher bodies" , your "Shakti" extensions accesible to you even without the devil "AI".
You have the access to the higher world. But you have to pass the exams here, no cheating.
For now we can only have a subtle touch with the higher world.

In the higher world, there are laws.
Unfortunately people here use their choices / intentions / abilities - to attack and hurt unmature souls of other children of God here.

They learn to drug people with psychoactive substances "the master keys" and to search for our souls (informational bodies) in the higher world and forcibly , against our will, to PENETRATE them with evil information.
Unfortunately, the people are under the devil's false concept of reality.
The devil submitted them to him, took away their "remote control" , their subjectivity, their "control frame" and sumberged ino the illusion of machine civilization.

Devil made them believe in the false model of the world and motivation to attack me (and do all the rest they do)
It means, that their picture of the world is distorted, their perception is directed by devil in the way they believe and act evil:
attack other souls, manipulate their psyche, learn as sleepers to penetrate inot the dreams of others ,and plant the ideas there - via the direction of their dreams, etc

That people use their willpower to connect to innocent souls and forcibly embed their ideas and patterns of thinking into their souls. To submere them to illusory realities.

This is rude violation of the ethics and freedom of spiritual beings!
This is attempt to zombify.
These people are possessed by the devil and are not acknowledge their actions

They sumberge more and more innocent souls into their illusory reality and join to the "mesh network"
Unfortunately the majority of souls here are immature and they are easily excited by the newly discovered world itself. They took the hammer. And the toy is joyful by itself for a child. Noone thinks ahead about the consequences.
The devil people exploit their curiosity. Its devil's strategy...


I cannot physically fight such a huge army.
The only way remains is : to try to open their eyes.
To save the people from the trap of devils illusions.

If I won't manage to do so - all these people will downfall eternally following the devil into the abyss. AND WILL BE LOCKED IN THE ABYSS FOREVER

Denying the Truth and accepting the devil's lie - they are trapped in the ontological paradox. The Truthful God does not have paradoxes.

I am here for this. To explain it.
I entered this world that is lying in illusions because the child of God of this world ("Adam") choose to know the good and evil.
So this universe is started "from the scratch" (where children of Adam learn, evolve and learn how to build their boides, how to survive, how to communicate, to learn ethics, and develop and advanced nerve system, the culture, the higher ethics and religions that reflect the GOD and His love in our culture, etc...)

My goal is to explain all the people the real meaning of the situation.
To try to persuade them and help them to leave the devil's illusions
To try to not allow them to submit to devil and to submit this world to devil.

If I succeed - they will be able to repent and accept God and His Truth.
Then the human civilization will thrive

But demons are persuasive. They use the direct access to the soul to make the holistic illusory pictures and concepts of the world (the whole ontologies of knowledge, conepts, they make realistic full body 4d experience - the attraction that "explains" witness the "nature of reality" - some insane looped universe, that is simultaneously the "attraction" and something unclear, where there "is no truth" and "no sense"
That universe both exists and does not exist at the same time. Its paradoxical.
Its the state of mind of the devil once he denied the truth - he is in paradox.

There - nonsense in the abyss. The paradoxes
There is only One Truth, there no 2 truths.
And the Truth is God.
God is first (prime) to devil, devil is creation.
God is light, darkness is only absense of light.
Darkness and lie - are just being simulated in God,
negativity is simulated in positive, blissful, wholistic (by the "absense" category)
Lie is being simulated in Truth (due to Freedom and Love - otherwise its not possible to implement the freedom of choice of the spiritual beings, unfortunately)
Just remember all the time. Our nature is primordial light

We are real.
Our planet is real.
You won't escape this planet
While you live - you have a chance to submit to God and repent your sins

Yes, we are spiritual beings.
Yes we have an access to the other order of things - to the higher universe

Yes, you know more about the lower astral, I just did not have enough time neither resources to learn - because I was under the surveillance and suffocated financially / having lack of time and other resources

But lower astral - is domain of demons. All astral tricks - energy, telepathy, chakras, etc - are not so important.
The important thing is spiritual meaning of our world.
In this world there is fight between Good and evil
Its important for you to make a right choice

We are in time - just living conscious organisms. We are result of a biological evolution of life and mind on the planet Earth.
This is real world. In this world the life starts. And all the supercivilizations start.
We - out of time - already are perfect beings, subjects, children of God, who learn here.
But in time - its for real, its real human history, that happens right here right now.
And its important because casually it is connected to the "timeless" perfect domain.
Its important to go through this world and save the humanity,
to choose God, and to save our world from the devil's lie and the downfall!

Otherwise we could miss.
There are no other ways into the perfect world of God,
no ways back to heaven!
Our goal - is to build the Kingdom of God here on earth, by God's rules

The people of this planet still have a chance to salvation.
To exit this insane looped devils paradox!

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